Hello Annie…

Yesterday — i did some serious mobility work doing Iron Crosses and Hip Abductions. Sven ‘assisted’ which is another word for Inflicted pain upon me — by helping me add resistance and let me tell you –the soreness in my hips is incredible. I seriously need to do more mobility work — it goes hand in hand with being fit.

Today’s workout was one of the famous ladies of CrossFit: Annie

5 ring rows
10 hollow rocks
5 parralette push ups

Double Unders

Double Unders
Sit ups

So if you can’t do Double unders, well you are screwed in this WOD. If you can’t do them, each attempt to do one is counted as 1 rep. So you are forced to keep trying and not take the easy way out. It also makes your Annie time crappy — Mine was 15:39. Sit ups are no issue — but I struggled with those darn DUs. I am going to make a commitment to practice them 10 mins a day this week to see if I can improve. It’s frustrating to be one of the bottom finishers because of those darn things —

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