Sometimes You Have To Wing It

Just like any other Monday, my alarm went off at 515A and I got up. As I was getting up, I noticed how sore I was. Something about the workouts Sat and Sunday really ran me down. My lats and shoulders are killing me and my hamstrings. For those paying attention, that’s pretty much the span of my body. So I did something unheard of — I crawled back to bed. My body loudly told me I needed a rest day. I’ve talked about this before — you need to rest or your body can’t rebuild and recover from the muscle break downs which can inhibit your progress and work against you.  I am beginning to listen very closely to what my body is feeling and being more aware of when it’s screaming REST Momma CrossFit!

So, Momma Crossfit is going to rest and may even consider taking an extra rest day this week if I continue to be this sore. Ignoring stuff like this creates a prime environment for injuries.

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