CrossFit: ESPN & Reebok are riding the wave…

Lots of CrossFit Stuff in the news — they are gearing up for the start of the road to the CrossFit Games:

Bringing CrossFit to ESPN

CrossFit has arrived at ESPN.

The CrossFit movement, which first gained popularity as a workout regimen for military serving overseas, quickly has grown to become one of the most popular fitness methods – and philosophies – for health-conscious people across the globe.

The high-intensity workouts include constant movement — real life movement — beyond your typical dumbbell curls. A CrossFit workout might include sprints, swimming, gymnastics, powerlifting and other endurance exercises all rolled in one.

As the demand for CrossFit grows, ESPN is embracing the phenomenon.

Reebok Makes Huge Push Into CrossFit

The next step for Reebok is clearly aligning its brand with groundbreaking workout programs. In 2009, the brand launched a workout program called JUKARI with Cirque du Soleil. It failed to garner mass following. For a second attempt, Reebok has aligned itself with an already established workout brand, CrossFit, and hopes to ride the tremendous momentum of the strength and conditioning workout.

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