Yes, We are Winning!

Yesterday was such a fun and inspiring day for me. The support and love around me while we ran the Scope it Out 5K to honor Scotty’s battle and victory was just what was needed and add to it, that Scotty ran the race made it PERFECT. Our team managed to raise $5500 for the Chris 4 Life Foundation and I just feel so honored and over the moon to have the people that I have in my life.

I came in 198 out of 1454 Women and came in 12th out of 127 in my 40-45 age range. I’m pretty happy with my performance and all done with a slight chest cold.
We then all headed to the local hotel and had a nice sit down brunch to chat. What I really loved about yesterday was  –the group of people that came together were not my normal crowd. They were people from Scotty’s circle and mine but brought together and we had a lot of laughs. It was amazing energy! I’m still on cloud 9 from it all…

Today — going to be honest, it was a bit hard to get up. But when I got to CrossFit, we had a great group of new folks and some more experienced ones mixed in.


1 lap around the bldg
10 ring rows
10 push ups
10 Pass Thrus
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS


Clean & Jerk



30 Clean and Jerk65lbs

time: 4:15 

It’s starting off to be a great day — make sure to get some fitness in today!




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