It Happens For A Reason

I have talked about this before but the power of self talk and believing in yourself!  This morning during our skill session, we were working on handstands. A new athlete walked up to the wall and said there is no way I can do this, right before she tried. I looked at her and pulled out my “Tony Blauer” voice and said — you are right.

If you remember, I talked about the Be Your Own BodyGuard and how you have to be mentally prepared for an attack and it’s about how you think about a situation that can seriously determine its outcome.  Stop and think about that — it rings true for almost anything.  It can certainly change how you get through situations, if not determine how it completely plays out.

A friend of mine lost their job this week unexpectedly. You can see it in her body language what a shock it is — she is still numb from it.  She worked at this place for a long time, was successful and didn’t see it coming.  That’s what Life is really. A roller coaster ride. You have ups and downs — and if you get too comfortable, life has a way of shaking things up again to keep you on guard.  I don’t know what the key is to prepare for it — just hang on with a flexible mind and fit body.

I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason. Can be to teach us a good, hard lesson or send us on a new path –

I know personally, when things are supposed to go a certain way or I am supposed to do something – it falls into place with little effort.  This has rung true for me every time there has been a big stress or life changing event in my life – moving, job change, fitness, illness, friendship, a big purchase, family.  It goes back to how you think about things — sometimes you have to let go of the thoughts that you have control of things in your life. Sometimes, you don’t.

I know my friend will be just fine — and it will turn out better than she even expected, but the hanging on and having faith part sometimes is the toughest of the journey.


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