Boarding the CrossFit Crazy Train

I’m feeling very inspired today. I mentioned yesterday about the Killing the Fat Man Series I have been watching. I will be honest – the editing of the series is a bit annoying in my opinion, but the message is clear. He made those changes in 2 months – and he didn’t use any tricks. Just focus and commitment. I bet some of you, after watching it, are saying he seemed to be a bit off his rocker, boarded the CrossFit Crazy Train.  And I imagine that’s why some people say it’s like a cult — CrossFit Athletes get a fire in their eyes and spirit that you can see and feel just by talking with them.

Think about it – you have people who have settled for less than they should in themselves their entire lives or for a long time, and you show them the way to ignite their inner fire. How powerful they feel. How in control they feel. Many for the first time in their lives – they feel in control and they see the change.  You are totally blowing up who they thought they were — recreating them into something they can be proud of.  Strong and In Control and all because of the effort they put into it.  No gimmicks, quick fixes. It’s contagious.

And they go to their CrossFit box regularly and are around the same kind of people, which feeds their inner fire. Then the changes bleed into their real life — they hear compliments, they feel great, they begin to notice how the rest of the world eats. They wake up.

I’m not saying this discovery doesn’t have its hurdles. It does. Sometimes the people around you don’t get it. They get annoyed by your re-definition of YOU. They weren’t ready for it and you are forcing them into a change they don’t have control over.  It’s not easy to get used to a partner, parent, friend that is not the same as they have always been.  It’s an adjustment for everyone.

All of the sudden, you want to go out and zip line and go out with your new fit community. Well, remember – the people that have been around you may need to take some time to get to know who you are and maybe, just maybe they will dip their toes into this world of wellness. But you can’t force it and it’s not for everyone.

I just know for me – I feel great, look better than I have ever and am inspired to want to help others feel it too. But I temper that with the reality that not everyone wants it, nor wants to go down the same path I did.  CrossFit is not for everyone. It WORKs for everyone, but you have to find your thing. The goal is to be fit and healthy and anyway you achieve that is fine with me.

But if you ever want to board the CrossFit Crazy Train, call me. I will be waiting…


Dynamic Range of Motion/Stretching
Sprints/Suicide Drills
800m Run (4:07)




12 X 3
50-60% 1RM

My DL weight: 145#

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