Focus Your Energy in Your Swim Lane

Dont Think Too MuchDon’t you love this quote. Its so true — your mind has a way of going into all the possible scenarios when you give it time to simmer over a decision or situation.  Sometimes you just have to let it go or it will drive you crazy.

I coached this morning and I gotta tell you –it was so fun. I love helping people push themselves and motivating them to do more than they thought they could. Its a great way to start my day!

I have spoken about the concept of Swim Lanes before but it bears repeating –and quite frankly I need to recommit to following this concept. Staying in your swim lane is based on an idea around identifying ‘your lane’ and then staying in it. Make sure to Identify the allowable “exits” from the lane and the support mechanisms needed to stay within it.

Staying in your swim lane means to stop trying to do someone else’s job. 

An excellent book on this is 7 habits of Highly Effective people. There’s a concept which describes sphere of influence and sphere of concern. Your sphere of influence extends to those areas over which you have control and can directly influence, your sphere of concern encompasses those things over which you are concerned about but can not control. Identify your spheres and stop getting involved outside of your sphere of influence.

Think about things in your workout, your job, your life where you are focused on something other than the tasks that are asked of you. It’s easy to see how they can distract or detract you from doing the best you can do at what you are supposed to do. If you are so busy worrying about what someone else is doing or NOT doing –then there is no way you can possibly be on point to do the best you can do.

Your energy should be focused on what ultimately will reflect upon you.  You have control of your Swim lane. So, swim your best in that lane, always. 

Well folks, that concludes the deep thought for today- carry on!

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