Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Blue Moon at Nationals Stadium
Blue Moon Aug 21 2012

It was indeed a blue moon last night –and I had a prime photo taking spot, at the Washington Nationals game! Scott secured two tickets from a friend and then last minute, was able to snag two more from a co-worker who wasn’t able to go. All four of us headed out to the ball game.  How cool is that?

Now, I am not a big baseball fan. Cranford, NJ, the town I grew up in is super close to NYC. So, that meant I grew up going to see the Yankees and Mets regularly.  We would take school field trips and family trips to see the ball game but I have never been a huge fan.  I have a lot of memories of cotton candy, hot dogs and pretzels and not so much the game.

In staying with that tradition, Hannah and I sat together and really didn’t get that into it. It was a fun evening where I got to spend some quality time with my girl but as for the game — eh, just not that thrilling to me.  Nate and Scott sat together and even though Nate was super tired, he didn’t want to leave –that was cool to see!

You can check out the many pics I took on my facebook page! Washington Nationals vs. St Louis Cardinals

I did get a good workout in this AM although I am sore as all get out. Yesterday’s Cindy workout left my arms and legs sore, sore, sore!


Indian/line style run for 1600m

10m WOD

  • run 100m
  • 50m Walking Lunges 15lb plates
  • 12 push ups

total: 5 rounds

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