Intensity is Key

Today’s workout was all about intensity — three fairly innocuous exercises, combined to kill and for twenty minutes to boot! Nothing like a triplet metcon to wake you up and start your week!



20 mins

  • 100m run
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 HSPU

There are a ton of modifications you can use to get yourself stronger and doing HSPUs — I am still not completely able to do them, so I use an abmat. I can get down but not all the way to the ground so the Ab Mat helps make the ground closer. I also tried a new approach to my box jumps today and instead of stepping down, I jumped. Made the box jumps go so much faster! It’s the little things that when tweaked and improved upon make all the difference!Β 

Weather is supposed to be gorgeous again today in Northern VA. If you are in the area, and have the day off — go on and get outside today. Do something active, fun and relaxing! Life is too short to sit at home and wallow in stress. Just decide to focus on making yourself feel better…

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