Is Your Diet Causing Sleep Issues?

Does Paleo Cure Insomnia?

My friend Lani mentioned that she has been sleeping horribly but last night she slept great. I told her it could be what she was eating because whenever I eat crap, I sleep like crap – wake up every few hours, toss and turn and wake up feeling hung over. I know that when I keep it clean – my sleeping is sound and clean.  She actually had eaten back on track yesterday and what do you know — she slept well.
I have read that for some, switching to a Paleo diet has caused insomnia or unrestful sleep, but just like everything else –one size does not fit all. You have to experiment and see what works for you.  My friend Brad, can eat three pounds of almonds a week and he is a strong, lean machine. If i eat more than a handful a week – I gain weight and in my mind, look like the Pillsbury dough boy.

With that being said, if you are having sleep issues the first thing I would do is to evaluate what you are eating and try cutting certain foods out — I always suggest going two-four weeks on a strict all natural food diet to detox your body and then add in foods to see how you will react. Some people have never, ever gone a day without wheat or dairy. If you have never gone without it – how can you really know how it affects you?

I am never one to say everyone need to be on a strict Paleo diet – for some, rice is fine for them. I will never ever say though – Wheat is good. If you just look around and learn about all the people and their stories of transformation once they gave up wheat and gluten – it’s something you can’t deny.

“It’s really a wheat issue.” Modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison,” 

Today was another strength day with the back squat. I think I need to go visit a chiropractor and get adjusted — Overhead strength days tweak a muscle on the right side of my back and back squats tweak another muscle midway on my left side. This is what happens when you don’t do enough mobility and you are getting older. Maintenance becomes so much more important — I signed up for a Mobility Trainer’s Course in March by the way. Not only to learn how to coach others but also for myself.


  • 50 single jump ropes
  • 25 walking jump ropes
  • 20 double under/attempts

2×10 each

  • air squats
  • back squats
  • front squats
  • OH Squats



  • Back Squats 185#
  • Tabata Push ups 16,11,8,8,8,8,7,7

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