More Getting Comfy with Being UnComfy

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

It’s the same scene each time — the workout on the board is strength focused. The class attendance drops. Why is this?

This morning, Push Press was on the agenda and sure enough when I got there there were only two ladies in the 5A class. Why do people shy away from strength days? A few have told me it’s because they don’t feel they get a good enough workout on those days and prefer the all out, balls to the wall met cons that we do a few times a week. What they fail to realize is that the strength work is what gets us stronger so we can progress with those met cons.

I can be worn out and see a strength day on the board –and am like oh good. I am happy to see it because it’s a different type of training for me and the results impact everything else. ย And the reality is if you aren’t worn out after days like today, then you didn’t go heavy enough. I love the feeling of ‘failing’ on my last set of reps. Not because i failed but because I know I pushed hard and my body will be responding.

Girl Power: Why Lifting Heavier Can Be a Life Changer

Lifting is really a super feeling too – I have heard so many women who have never lifted before get some iron in their hands and start to feel like a bad ass. You really do feel strong and powerful and it’s different than you have ever felt before. It’s an awesome rush.

And you can say but I don’t like lifting –it’s your weaknesses you need to focus on if you are going to improve! It’s the same outside of the box too. If you only stay within your comfort zone, you never grow. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

400m run

Push Press


I got up to 110 but I have done 115 before so today was not my best lifting performance. It’s really about technique. Hips drive the weight up — you can’t muscle your way through super heavy weight! Period.

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