A Product Of Your Parents

dadHappy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I really feel blessed that both my parents are still around and in my life. So many of my friends — as we enter into middle age have or are starting to lose their parents and the fact that both of my ‘rents are still here and fairly healthy is a blessing that is not unappreciated by me.

I am not super close to my dad – but he’s in my life. We certainly had many issues that caused strife as I grew up –many of them will never get resolved but at the end of the day — who cares.  Does it matter now? The answer is no –and who was right or wrong doesn’t matter in the wacky game of life.  At the end of the day, what matters is are you happy where you are today. I can’t change the past but I can change the way I view the past and see it for what it was and where it led me. And where I am today is in a pretty great spot overall.

I have an amazing family — a husband who loves me and makes me feel special and two amazing kiddos – who give me a chance to be a better parent each and every day. My parents were great teachers, whether that means they led me to experience the right and wrong of parenting and taking it all and applying it to being better with my own kiddos.

We are all a product of our parents and the era they grew up in –it’s something to consider about your own parents and the wins and mistakes they made helping you grow up.  Finding out more about the environment that both my parents had to grow up in helped me understand a lot of how they live and react. It helped give me some perspective on some of the relationship issues I have with my parents and how it shaped some of the issues that creep up with my siblings.

But in the end — I am so fortunate to have four brothers and sisters that I speak to often, and parents and step-parents and together we have each other’s backs and are helping to forge relationships with one another as healthy adults and helping foster in the next generation of family.

400m run

Ring Dips


  • Power Cleans (2)
  • Squat Cleans (1)

85 & 95#

  • Tabata Situps

Total 109

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