Getting Into The Modern

17625_495300250526527_2036369235_nYesterday, I was interviewed for a local magazine about being a Modern Mom. I was nominated by one of my dear friends Tina, who I met at the very beginning of my fitness journey.  What’s funny is that magazine is called I am Modern Magazine and it’s geared towards Modern Moms (whatever that means).  I had never been interviewed before so I had no idea what to expect.

I met the writer, Gwen, at CFI in our coach’s office so we could have a quiet place to chat. Gwen is a local writer and you ever just meet someone and just instantly feel connected? Yeah, well that was how it was with her. The conversation just flowed. A mom herself, with three boys – she and I connected on a lot of things and issues relating to health, wellness and parenting.  She also believes strongly in giving back and has started a local non-profit to help underprivileged families called:

“Our mission is to help children of financially disadvantaged families to thrive through each developmental phase of their first five years by contributing material needs, providing parental education and support, and stimulating learning and early literacy through exposure to age-appropriate educational toys and books.”

We talked for a long time — and what surprised me was all the emotions me sharing my story with her brought up. I don’t often go back to the actual moments of ‘cancer’ being in our lives, so when I do, it always surprises me.  It seems so long ago and my family was so different back then, but what became clear after talking about it — there were some wonderful things it taught me and fundamentally changed me.  As bad as it was, and as scary as it was — it taught me about perspective, and what’s important, and showed me how much I love Scott and my family. It helped me filter the people in my life, it brought new and amazing people and opportunities and ultimately led me to finding my passion that surrounds me with a group of people that I now call ‘family’.

I hope the story conveys the intentions behind why I do what I do day in and day out — to inspire and support people out there to live a healthy and well life –not just physically, but mentally and not just focused on exercise but on things that make you happy, creating perspective and finding real joy in your life.

Hannah always tells me I am not cool –she says “Mom, get into the modern”, and now, that I will be in I am Modern Magazine – I can confidently say to her -well look, I am!

Here are some interesting things I have been reading about this week:


  • 600m jog
  • mobility
  • DROM


  • Front Squat


  • 5×5 Front Squat

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