Getting Back On The Horse

KettlebelI’m back and I wish I could say I felt refreshed and raring to go this Monday –but I don’t.  The last few weeks I have felt seriously run down and all I have wanted to do is stay under the covers in my bed and sleep.  I honestly don’t think I have felt this way in a very long time and am not sure if it’s the long winter, a lack of focus on my nutrition, some stress at work that I am experiencing, or the medication I am taking for a leg infection I am trying to get rid of.  Or heck –maybe it’s all of them combined.

I have seemed to lost my mojo –and I am sure many of you that seem me day to day wouldn’t know it but it’s true. I haven’t felt much motivation for many of the things I used to and am on the hunt to figure out how to bring it back.

My friend Brittany and I were laughing because I have a light box, I exercise like crazy, I have a happy family – great husband and kids, am financially sound –Life is pretty darn good. I have a wonderful community of friends that I can call family – both my parents are alive and thriving, my five brothers and sisters are all doing well. I mean come on –what the heck do I have to be down about? See what I mean? Makes no sense….

There are some things going on that are throwing me out of balance though and the universe keeps reminding me of them and I start to make changes towards what’s needed but then revert back. I think I really need to tackle it once and for all — and make the change. I know I am being cryptic but it’s kind of a touchy subject and political so I don’t want to blast it out here. Those that are close to me know the situation and have been the ones at me to just do it! It’s about embracing confidence and getting out of the fear loop.

Ok – enough of that!

I am starting a 30 day Nutrition Challenge today with CrossFit Impavidus –not only starting it but helping run it as well. I need to refocus because I am about 10#s heavier than last year and my clothes are not fitting like they used to.  I will keep you posted with how it’s going.

600m jog


1 RM Deadlift 250#

Mini Cindy

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

7 Rounds


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