CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer’s Course

I spent the weekend at the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer’s Course learning how to instruct others on oly lifting technique. I attended this workshop to improve my own lifting as much as I wanted to learn how to help others.  It’s amazing how much technique is involved — and body awareness. So many of us have no idea how to move our bodies and when we do it correctly, magic happens. You can lift heavy weight –you can lift like you have never lifted before.

fred loweThe workshop was led by Fred Lowe — a three time Olympian and Oly coach from Michigan. There was so much to learn in the two day course that it was tough to uncover it all. Coach Lowe mentioned that learning this stuff is like peeling layers of an onion. Each time you will get something new and more out of it.

A few things I have become even more aware of personally is that my posture and the fact that I am hunched over affects so much of my lifting. Much of it has to do with mobility but a lot is due to years of bad posture and computer use. I am going to look into Arrosti. I am told it will help loosen some of the soft tissue in my back that is preventing me from improving some of my issues.

We worked on the Snatch movement and the Clean & Jerk. The thing I really liked about this course is that it went super basic. Deconstructed the movements so that literally anyone can learn. It may take some longer than others –but there was nothing about learning the technique that a newbie athlete couldn’t get. It goes along with the Mobility and the Freestyle Movement workshops that I recently attended. Work on basics before progressing on — you will be better for it; progress wise and physically.  We are so programmed to race against the clock, regardless of our form that it’s causing some bad habits to develop and injuries to occur.

I have found myself rethinking my approach my WODs I have been spending more time focusing on my form as opposed to trying to beat my previous time.


Here are some of the teaching points we learned this weekend — 



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And here’s an Oly Lifting Weekly Workout Plan created by Coach Mike Burgener:


Overall I enjoyed this course — learned a lot and it definitely challenged some of the long held approaches I have had. Whenever I learn something new –that’s success to me.

I didn’t workout this AM because I had to help Coach Chris out and coach the 5A and 6A for him. It was hard as heck to get up that early, but we are a family and you help each other out. But man –I’m tired.


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