Let Tragedy Make You Grow

I have not been feeling myself the past few days — like I have a bug or something. I left in the middle of the workout yesterday because I was throwing up and then took a sick day from work and slept most of the day. This morning, I’m not sure how I have feel. Still not 100% but better. I have been on these antibiotics for almost two months now and frankly, I think they are killing my system. I need to get better for my big 200 mile relay race next week.

Have you read this article? Why We’re Motivated to Exercise. Or Not.

Although the findings suggest a genetic disposition to motivation to exercise, it’s not meant to be used as an excuse. Choice can be a very strong leader in change.

Behavior, he says, remains a mix of innate tendencies and personal choice. So, even if it is in your nature to enjoy long hours on the couch, you can choose to get up and move.

It’s been such a crazy few days emotionally and that could be also tied to how I am feeling physically, but one thing I keep remembering is that there are a ton of good people out there, helping one another, living great, blessed lives. Good, kind people who cherish every day and look to share their inspiration and support with others. I am finding a lot of comfort reading the stories of the amazing every day heroes who sprang into action during the Boston bombing and how their heroism saved many people. That’s the stuff I am focusing on — and the amazing stories of the tragic victims. The world lost some special people this week.


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