Sharpening Your Edge

942359_568095593230730_912994978_nWe have had a woodpecker in our yard for years and every year, that darn thing uses our gutter as his piece of wood to make the loudest alarm clock in the world. I forget that he does that and boy do I get woken up from a deep sleep.

The dangers of Spring right?

Yesterday, I read Lisbeth’s post:

Using Your Discontent  It’s a sad truth of the world that the discontented achieve more. Frustration breeds progress. Pissedoffedness powers the world.

This summed up so much about me — I am never just ‘content’ with the status quo and as I said last week, it gets me in trouble. I have no patience for people who just want to get by or don’t want to make themselves and the situation they are in better. In my book, you should always be making progress in your life.

When was the last time you took some quiet moments and really thought about where you are in your life?

      • What isn’t working?
      • What is?
      • What are some hobbies or dreams you had years ago, that you never went after?
      • Are you happy?
      • What is preventing you from going after them today?

I read on CrossFit Invoke’s site encouragement to work on something this week, skill wise, that you want to make progress in:

This week pick something and work on it. It can be something you’re bad at, or something you’d like to sharpen your edge on. Check with the coach before you start popping out muscle ups and be sure its ok for you to work on your CrossFit skills on the side of class or better yet during open gym!

Long ago in the early days of CrossFit, CrossFit Seattle came out with a hierarchy of skills. Some of the older WOD books have the skills listed. If you’re up for a challenge you could start checking where you’re at. You can view the skills at CrossFit Seattle’s site here (the links are on the upper right corner of the page)

And I thought, this is a great idea for everyone and not just CrossFit related.  It could be your wake up routine, or keeping your house organized, or being nicer to people you work with. Whatever it is, decide that for 7 solid days you are going to work on improving it!



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