You Are What You Eat

Read this article today if you can.

Got Abs? Look at Your Plate if You Said No

Some good sound advice:  “Many females are skinny and consume shit like a vacuum; still not healthy. Think of all those girls that were perfect in high school/college and you then see them a few years later and they are overweight. That is a diet that didn’t adapt to match an aging and deteriorating body. Your body eventually breaks down from misuse, it is inevitable.”

The thing is we all don’t want to be ripped and swole like professional athletes, but we do want to feel and look our best. Diet is 80% of the equation yet we are taught if we workout, we can eat what we want. That may be true for the younger set, but as we get older – it catches up with us at least in our outward appearance.  You are what you eat isn’t just a slogan – it’s truth. I wish more of the younger set took that to heart.



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