A Quality food challenge

Quality food challenge from http://lift-run-bang.com

Make a list of foods you will allow yourself to eat. They should all be quality foods. I don’t care what “diet” you choose, just pick quality foods. I think we all know that fast food and processed shit isn’t quality, before all the comedians weigh in. 

Everyday, you’re allowed to eat as much from the quality food list that you want. 

See how long you can stay on your “diet” without deviating from it. 

If/when you blow it, reward yourself with a day of what you want. Then try to beat that previous streak.

So if you went 91 days before you cheated, then try to beat that 91 days after you binge for a day on what you want. 

Again, do not starve yourself. Eat as much quality food as you want. It just has to be clean, quality food. 

I will bet you money that if you can stick to this for an extended period you’ll be amazed at the results.


Anyone want to give this food challenge a shot with me?


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