Open Your Mind about The Ideal

oxygen Sunday morning, as I was doing my regular grocery shopping I saw Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on the cover of Oxygen Magazine in the check out line. I was so proud to see her mainstream. As I was paying for my stuff, I noticed a woman picking it up and showing her husband –I overheard her say Oh, that’s that CrossFit we have heard about. I was smiling -and then I saw her point to Camille’s picture and stick out her tongue and say Yuck. My smile disappeared —

What is it with people — muscles and strength don’t look good on a woman? Come on now — Open your mind and understand that women come in all shapes and sizes and what’s important at the end of the day is that they are being the best they can be –an authentic self.

Funny timing – I came across this post again yesterday:

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

I love this part:

The chase of some worldly physical ideal will slowly slide down the list of why you will show up to CrossFit everyday and basically torture yourself. You will get totally addicted to the feeling you get when you do things that were simply impossible for you a few months ago. The body you get is nothing more than a by-product. It takes discipline in the kitchen to perform (physically, mentally, and spiritually) your best so keep in mind that you should…

I am on day two of my refocus on nutrition and performance and I am feeling great. Not eating like crap allowed me to sleep great last night, wake up feeling great — have more energy and am in a better mood. Can’t not love that!!

I PR’d again this morning on my bench press — by 20#. Nothing to complain about there. I am really feeling at home at HighBar now, which is a great feeling.

200m jog
10 squats
4 sampson stretch
4 instep lunge
10 squats

Test on Bench Press
1×5 115# (although I tried 125# for 1 and 120# for 3) PR


  • Run, 400 m —
  • then — 5 rounds:
  • 5 Box Jumps
  • 10 Kettlebell Sumo
  • Deadlift High-pulls,
  • 1 pood 15 Push-ups —
  • then — Run, 200 m

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