The 2013 CrossFit Games are Here! Huzzah!

I did end up getting in a workout yesterday and it was a good one. The weather yesterday was amazing –high of 80 which made working out easier on the ole lungs for sure!

It was a longer WOD with some mobility at the end —

8-1-8 – a ladder, so you go up down the ladder, 8,7,6…1…6,7,8
DB Hang Clean Squats
Burpee Box Jumps
Kipping Pull Ups
25min time limit

Before time ran out, I was on the last round of 7+5 Burpee Box Jumps — so almost finished. Give myself a DNF on that one!

Today, we worked on Push Press. The thing that is hard to wrap my head around still is that we aren’t lifting to failure. We are Greasing the Groove so to speak –working on mechanics and adding weight week by week working up to our max.I landed on 75# today with my bud Rebecca K as my workout partner.

Push Press
warmed up to 75# 5×3

12min EMOTM
10 OH Lunges with 15# plate
Max Slam Balls 15#
total # of slam balls: 101

I am noticing some real changes in my body since moving over to HighBar — my arms and upper body are looking more toned and cut. I asked around and others have said the same thing about themselves. It is odd to not have lifted super heavy in a while but I have done a ton of reading about the greasing the groove approach and have talked it through with Coach Randy. I am totally the kind of person who wants to know why and how it all is supposed to work and after talking it through, I trust the process.

The other thing I like about not lifting super heavy until we near the end of the whatever week program, I can really work on my form and technique. For a bunch of stuff, I totally learned wrong about how to use my hips to generate the power. You have to load your QUADs up, not mute your hip and thrust them forward.  It really does make all the difference especially to someone like me – who already had issues with making the lifting transitions. Don’t close your hips only to have to open them again!

The Reebok 2013 CrossFit Games are here! You can watch them on Espn3 or stream it. Here’s some info on what it is and how to watch it…


2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Logo


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