Re-Focus and Remind

Have you ever done Plate Drills? OMG they are brutal and were part of today’s WOD. Highbar adds in some Isometric work in addition to the traditional and I love it. Well, I don’t love it when I am in the middle of doing them but the results show.

I recently found out two women I know were diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have been undergoing chemo. As much as it’s great to celebrate Scotty’s success, it’s hard to really feel happy when others are just starting theirs. Knowing what they are about to endure and how their lives are shifting can be hard to take. I find myself offering to help but also pulling back because it brings me back to our own experience. I have spoken before about Post Traumatic Stress and how both Scott and I suffer from it depending on the situation and memory that is triggered. I want to be helpful and supportive, but a part of me wants to leave it all behind. I know in the end – I will do whatever my friends need me to do but there are times when I have to re-focus and remind myself that others need a hand to hold, no matter how hard it is for me to do it.

Hang Cleans 5×2

4 Rounds
1m Inverted Barbell Rows
1m Burpees
Plate Drills

20s Press
20s Arm Raises
20s HighPulls
20s Steering Wheel
20s Around head (l)
20s Around head (r)

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