Fourth Grade Field Trip to Jamestown

MeJamestownToday I accompanied Nate and his fourth grade class to Jamestown, VA for his school field trip. It’s not the top thing on my list to do but I could tell how much he wanted me to do it. And other than the constant noise from the kids on the bus, I had a great time. Nate and three other boys were super fun, smart and really well behaved. The kids in his class really knew their Virginia history and seemed to be really into learning more.

It was my first trip there and I will definitely go back with the family one day! Historical tours are fun and important — learning from the past.



Sitting in a bus with a bunch of fourth graders was not only a lesson in patience, but also a lesson in how different they are today than when I was a kid. Almost every kid had some sort of device and the first thing a few of them asked me was “Is there Wi-Fi on this bus?”.  When I was a kid, we had books, a notepad, pencils, our friends and songs to keep us occupied on our way to a field trip.  Not sure it’s better or worse –but it sure is different.

This was posted today by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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