Working The Power Positions

Now that I am temporarily unemployed, Mondays are a bit tougher for me than normal. I think all the hustle and bustle of the weekend, and being around people feeds my soul, and come Monday -it’s back to being somewhat solitary. I know it’s only temporary, but it’s been tough on me mentally. I am focused on making things happen this week – no more wallowing and throwing a pity party. It’s time to walk the walk, talk the talk.  I am not the first one that this has happened to, and won’t be the last.

CrossFit Themed Cookies I had a good lift this morning too –  we are working on our cleans. Cleans have always been a challenge to me. I can muscle it up with no issue, but technique wise – issues, issues, issues. We have been working on the fundamentals for months now and I think I finally have conquered it. I heard more than once this morning that my lift looked good from Coach Randy! After almost six years, it’s a great feeling to continue to see progress and improvements. All the practicing of the positions and then the tweaking by the coaches has made all the difference. It is a pain to continually practice all the positions of the clean, but it works. Whenever I find myself having issues, I hear Coach Dan in my head saying “Work the Positions!” and I go back to P1, then P2, and finally P3.  The other thing I started to really focus on is to not rush the lift. I used to be in such a hurry to be done during my strength training – no real reason, other than no one ever corrected me until I moved to Highbar CrossFit.  Now I am really aware of the timing — and taking breaks between sets and between reps in some cases. For cleans, I am starting to learn to take my time going from Position 2 to Position 1 so that I can ensure that my technique is spot on.  It’s amazing how all the tweaking I have been getting from experienced coaches has really stepped up my progress.

Kindness Matters

In my ongoing quest to spread kindness, and showing how it matters, here are stories to make you feel good and hopefully, inspire you to be a kinder person.

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People seem to get so rattled when something about CrossFit is questioned or debated. I personally think it’s important to question, to raise concerns and challenge all of our experiences — It’s part of always improving, innovating and inspiring. And at the end of the day, you don’t have to agree with everything and you come to your own conclusions. God bless America!

Watch this video – World’s Highest Flying Pushup – this is amazing to watch!


“Circuit training while performing the Olympic lifts is clearly unwise, since such training will almost surely undermine the weightlifter’s technique.” -Arthur Drechsler


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