The CrossFit Games Open starts soon — its a series of workouts designed to challenge you and separate casual athletes from elites and ultimately those that rise to the challenge meet up during the CrossFit Games during the summer. Even you aren’t ready to go to the ultimate games, it’s a good way to just test yourself based on your own level and be a part of a bigger event that really ties all of us CrossFitters together.

Do you think you are too old to start CrossFit? Look at these 60+year olds in Tucson putting in the work. Now let’s be honest, many athletes like this probably were already in shape and were primed and ready to do CrossFit, however, all across the country, there a ton of ‘masters’ athletes that are doing CrossFit that aren’t born athletes –and are doing it! What’s Your Excuse??

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It’s freezing here, but man I feel for those So CAL folks as they endure brutal weather…My thoughts are with them.