Is Chivalry Dead or Is It Just About Manners?

My friend Nicole mentioned a new moisturizer she has been using that helped her heal fast from a minor surgery she had. She said the doctors were amazed at how fast she was healing up because she was using it. I ran to the store and picked some up and I have been using it for two days now, before I go to bed, and it really does work. It’s called Avalon Organics Vitamin C Sun-Aging Defense Renewal Facial Cream and I am totally sold. Just wanted to share!

Don't Just Eat -Fuel Your Body Livefitandsore.comI am now on day four of eating clean for the Wellness Challenge at Highbar CrossFit and I have to honestly say that I FEEL better. My workouts are just flowing better. I can’t describe it but it’s like I feel lighter – and not weight wise. Just less bogged down, lighter on my feet. It’s been easier to get up in the AM and I am sleeping more soundly.  And mentally, I am just feeling more like myself finally. I have found some motivation that had been in hibernation since this fall and feeling hopeful again. Food really does affect you – physically and mentally. And even though we all know how great we feel when we eat clean and healthy, it’s a lot easier to talk about then do. It’s one of those ongoing battles so many of us have.

Yesterday, I read this post by Matt Walsh – Chivalry is Out of Style

In his post, he laments about how men have seemed to forget to put women and children first in their daily life. I actually agree with a lot of what he said – but I think it comes down to manners – my husband is the first one to hold the door for someone, give up his seat, grab something from the top shelf at the grocery store-and it’s something I love and smile every time he does it. I am proud that he is the type of person/man that does that without question.  I think at the heart of it is a lot of people today are so into themselves and what’s in it for them – they forget that we all are in this together. You see a senior citizen or a prego lady or a mom and her kiddos, or small kids: get off your ass and give them your seat. Simple as that.

And finally, I want to mention a freak tragic accident that happened in the CrossFit world this past weekend: Kevin Ogar suffers serious injury at OC Throwdown. The guy is paralyzed from his waist down right now — too early to tell his long term prognosis.

We sometimes forget that participating in these types of CF competitions bring on inherent risks just like any other sport tournament and/or competition — a freak accident and this poor guys life is forever changed. Help him out if you can –I am going to donate to his

With that said, why would you compete in a competition like this without health insurance? I get that we all think “it will never happen to me” but even the best athletes in the world get injured when competing. Seems like it should be a requirement to compete – something to think about. Oh to be young and naive….my best wishes for his recovery.


Dot Drills
Mobility work (duck walk, instep lunges, sprints)
10 minutes

  • 2 manmakers
  • 10m Broad Jumps
  • 10m Shuffles
  • 10m bear crawl
  • 10m walking lunges
  • 20m sprints

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