Perspective Changes Everything

It' All About PerspectiveLet’s talk about Perspective for today.  How you see the world is in your hands and can make all the difference in you life. People who can really  change the world for the good, like the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr did, filter their day with hope, resilience and passion. Imagine waking up each and every day with a purpose? How awesome would that be?

You may be tired, worn out, beat down but each day you wake up with a choice – You can choose to see the world as a grey, dismal place that we all have to endure or you can decide up and at ’em, thankful for each and every glorious day you have to enjoy.

I went to a memorial service this weekend for my friends’ Dad who died earlier in the week. It was a very sad event but what really touched me was that they chose to honor who he was by sharing stories, laughs and lessons with those of us who came to pay our respects. It was a very heart warming, poignant service. There were tears, but it was really a service full of love, inspiration and family. The family saw the situation with a filter that allowed them to appreciate who their father, husband, friend was -not focused on the loss.

I hope we can all learn from them – they are sad and shocked, but it is a part of life and  the could have chosen to focus on the sadness or make the choice to focus on the great things that their dad did and the lives he touched. It’s all about perspective!



Strength: Working on my cleans
ETMOTM (every two mins on the two min)
1P Wall Balls
Chin Ups
Jumping Lunges

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