Rest in Peace Ms. Shirley Temple

If the predictions are right, the DC area is due for some big snow starting tomorrow night. Personally, I like having some snow on the ground. I find it forces people to slow down life a bit. However, the extra work attached to getting a big dump of snow is not welcome. My kids get stir crazy. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my kids aren’t the most adventurous when it comes to snow. My son will get all dressed and ready to go out — only to come in maybe 10 mins later because he’s cold. I don’t remember being like that — snow meant spending hours outside building forts, sledding, snow balls.

I just heard that Shirley Temple has died. I remember so many afternoons watching her old movies on my black and white TV. It was a part of my childhood. She was a class act throughout her life and a great example of how good parenting works. Every time I hear about someone so iconic dying, it’s another reminder for me that life goes by so fast and to make the most of each and every day.

I remember reading about how her parents took care of her, looked after her and made sure she was not exploited like so many other child actors of her day. She also was quite a trail blazer in her day – helping break the white/black stereotypes so prevalent back then.

Rest in Peace Ms. Temple.

Shirley Temple


Drink WaterI am once again focusing on making sure I am drinking enough water. Not only to recover from the dehydration of my partying Saturday evening but in general. I don’t drink enough and am completely not in the habit of drinking it. Starting yesterday, I have a water bottle that I am committed to emptying at least three times during the day. That will put me at about 100oz for the day. If you see me during the day at all –remind me to drink, drink, drink!

DId you know that this week is Kindness Week?

Life Lessons: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK – What are you going to do to be kinder?

Read This!




Watch This!

Get Inspired!

Rules for Being Amazing


Working on skills and body weight movements  for the next few weeks, and easing off of heavy lifting.

  • Mobility
  • 200m shuttle runs 1:07 (this was brutally painful for me – my ankles felt wobbly and my asthma kicked in)
  • Agility work (ladder drills)

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