What Reality Really Looks Like

A Sunrise after a workoutI read this Facebook status this morning and thought it was perfect to share – the past few days, I have been struggling with being engaged in my workouts – I’m really sore and worn out. I am more than thankful that today is a rest day from Highbar CrossFit. I may even take tomorrow off if I am still sore. Gotta listen to your body and mind first and foremost when gauging my workout schedule.

“Actions speak louder than words. How you approach your workouts says a lot about the person you are. Do you give it your best daily or so you just go in just to say you did it? Or are you the one who is the socialized and not doing work? Think about it.. How you approach work, your workouts, relationships carries over to daily life…”

I am continually appreciative of living in truth and appreciated this post: Keeping It Real. We all need to do more of this honesty thing. No one looks airbrushed and perfect. NO ONE. Good lighting, computer enhancements are all part of the norm in the images we are barraged with day in and out. It’s refreshing when someone goes ahead and shares what their reality really looks like because it looks like everyone elses! Hallelujah!

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