The Big Fight: Rousey vs McMann

This weekend we went to a charity Martini’s mixer for a great cause: Backpack Buddies.

Each week during the school year, Backpack Buddies provides weekend meals for students at local elementary schools. Each backpack contains two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, plus snacks. Backpack Buddies also provides food to our school children during the summer and holiday breaks so they have consistent access to food.

The only thing I would like to say and I know there are extenuating circumstances as to why – but the food they actually put in the backpacks leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of processed foods. I get that they have to have a good shelf life but I still cringe when I see Spaghettios in the mix.  During the mixer, they had a raffle and I won some Alamo movie tickets.  So -it was a win/win for all.

Sara McMannAlso, my coach Dan was a part of the MMA/UFC fight this weekend between Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann. He has known Sara for a long time and helped with her strength and conditioning programming. So I watched the fight on Saturday and sadly, Sara was down in 66 seconds amid controversy. I am not really into fighting at all – it made me cringe but I watched it to support my coach. Why people would want to knock the shit out of each other on purpose is beyond me.

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Astronaut in space does #CrossFit Angie- 100 Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups and Air Squats.

How Do You Work Out Without Gravity? Astronaut Workout


1P Cleans/Full Cleans
Super Set work (No Met-con today)

  • Jumping squats with barbell
  • KB Rotation work
  • Oblique KB work

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