Yoga: Your Hips Are Telling You Something

My internet connection has been out all day so that’s why I am delayed in posting today!! My apologies!

I think the winter haze has finally left the DC area – today is supposed to get into the 60’s and I see the rays of the sun shining down. I need the darkness of winter to go away -it has affected me quite a bit this year. I think with me working from home combined with the blahness of winter and some crazy weather patterns thrown in the mix, I am not on top of my game. Mentally or physically. I am counting on spring to shuttle in some renewed energy and spirit for me — come on Spring!!

It’s the FIRST of APRIL!! Hard to believe that March is already done – I am two weeks away from my annual HB and I trip to San Fran and will meet both of my little nieces, Abigail and Simon, for the first time. Amelia, my three year old niece better be ready too. Hannah is so excited and I love watching her hang out with family. You can tell she just feels at home. I always say that there really is something about being around family – you can go for long periods of time without seeing them – but when you get back together, you feel at home.

As I mentioned, I have added some yoga to my workout repertoire to help with my mobility. My sister does it as well and were were talking about how tight our hips are and which poses we like.  She mentioned that your hip flexors tend to be a place where you hold a lot of emotions.  Have you ever had a super intense workout that brought you to tears? Not tears of physical pain, but bubbled up emotions and stress and you start to cry?  I had never heard that before so I looked it up and sure enough found some info on it. I think this quote really captures what’s going on when we finally feel the release — our bodies are forcing the emotions up so we are forced to deal with them.


Unleash your baggage“Our feelings are stuck in our bodies because our minds don’t want to deal with them.”

The lesson learned is that if you are under a lot of stress, and are really physically tight – try some hip opening exercises and YOGA to help unleash the baggage.




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A friend of mine asked me to get word out for folks in the Ashburn/LoCo area –Kore Krav Maga Ashburn

Kore Krav Maga is offering a 4 week course starting April 26th. Kra Maga is a great mental and physical workout that can ultimately save your life if you ever need it… What’s not to love??

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