Growing up, I remember learning that acne was a problem that Teens had. But what I have since found out from my own experience is that it’s a problem adults have as well. It never goes away. Once you hit puberty, the porcelain, flawless skin that you had as a baby into a toddler becomes a distant memory. I seem to get my worst breakouts right around the same time I start dealing with PMS – and it seems to be getting worse the older I get.  A friend of mine mentioned how she was told that where acne is located gives you clues as to its root cause and this reminded me of a post I wrote a while back about face mapping and how your face holds a lot of clues about what’s going on in your body: Face Reading: What Your Face is Trying To Tell YouI find this entire concept really fascinating.

For me, I tend to breakout around my chin and neck monthly and also occasionally deal with cystic acne.  I know, a glamorous topic to talk about for us ladies!

Take a look at this acne face map and possible  causes created by Piece of Chic and see if it rings true for you…



Here’s another good read about acne and some alternative ways of treating it: Where Your Acne Is And What It Looks Like Can Tell You What’s Causing It

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