What Do You Need Today?

Today’s Yoga class theme was thinking about what you need today.  Today, do you need strength: brama or do you need to be more fluid ayama?  It’s interesting to think through. During the stretches, we were told to perform them based on what we needed – note: not what we wanted but what we needed. Did we need to gain strength and hold the poses or did we need to work on flexibility and focus more on being fluid while doing them.  It’s a theme that relates to our lives as well- think about it, there are times when we need to be strong and act in ways that help us gain the needed strength and times when we need to go with the flow — be flexible, adaptable and focus on accepting help. We don’t always need to be strong…Whatever it is that you need TODAY – the first step is figuring out that need & making sure you don’t just gravitate towards what you want to do and ignoring the stuff you need.

Happy Birthday to my smart, gorgeous and very tall sis in law Jennifer — she’s an awesome, caring person who is helping shape the future of the world by teaching young people.

Jennifer Birthday

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