Exercise Induced Asthma and Being Athletic

Happy Monday folks! It seems like everyone in my house has been battling a bug the past few days – coughing, achy and cranky. And today’s Highbar workout had running in it — and yes, it did cause a coughing fit.  It frustrates me to no end that my lung capacity is limited when I work out and today was a perfect example. After the 400m run, I was coughing so much that I couldn’t do all the pullups/lunges I needed to.

I recently read that Olympic athlete Apolo Anton Ohno has asthma.  Around 30 million Americans have EIB (Exercise Induced Asthma) and think what they are experiencing is a normal part of working out. Imagine doing endurance based work and your chest tightens up, you can’t catch your breath and you start having coughing fits — your lungs can’t get enough oxygen and you start to sound like Darth Vader because you are grasping for air. Yeah, that’s what happens to me  while I am working out.  The most endurance based activities I do, the better I feel though and since it’s the start of spring – I plan to focus on more cardio work so my lungs will get used to it. 

Whether it’s a physical ailment like asthma, extra weight to shed, nutrition or physical – we can always improve and get better. I came across this post from Chef, owner/coach at CrossFit Rubicon. I thought it was good enough to share this AM about starting with the basics — diet, training and sleep before buying into other ‘fixes’.

“Supplementation? Lacking in some vital nutrient? then supplement. Additional supplement choices? the protocol is easy and straightforward: Add ONE and ONLY ONE supplement to your current consistent regimen. If you see or feel a marked improvement in strength, recovery, speed, endurance or general sense of well being in 30-60 days? Keep it. If not? You don’t need whatever it is and should save your $$. Feel like trying another supp? Do the same but ONE CHANGE AT A TIME. The crux of the biscuit is this: if your diet, training and/or sleep are at best irregular and inconsistent, there is no supplement that can help you perform better than getting your fueling, training and recovery act together. Nothing can supplant determined consistency in the work. Do. The. Work. The rest is theme music.”

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1P/2P Cleans
Strict Pullups
OH Lunges
–30sec rest–
400m run
–30sec rest–

Yesterday’s workout: Flow Yoga

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