Boxing: Seeing Results

boxing gloves I have now been boxing for about 4 weeks – I have some observations to share: I was pleasantly surprised to find out that in addition to 8 rounds of boxing with the heavy bag, you start off with a solid 15 minute warm up a challenging 15 minute core/strength/mobility to finish up the hour.  I have already seen results after four weeks — which is always encouraging!

The thing about exercise for most of us – it needs to have certain qualities: Safe, Effective and Fun! I recently read about a certain burn out that many CrossFit gyms see in their members after one or two years.  I think what happens is coaches/owners are very focused on new members, making sure they learn the basics and are learning safely. All good things.. however, that means the members who have been there a while, tend to get less attention. I get that you can’t expect to be coached every minute of the class, however – you should expect to have some oversight and regular attention and coaching on what you are doing. After a year or two, if those members considered ‘advanced’ or at the very least beyond a beginner, don’t have an outlet for the updated coaching they need – it’s easy to see how one can become bored and unmotivated. I think that is what I have experienced in both of the CF gyms I have been members of –I have a ton of learning to do when it comes to strength training and body mechanics but the learning extends beyond the basics at this point.  And yes, I can do it on my own, however I work better in a group setting which is what I love about CF.  I feed off of the group energy — so, there you have it. CrossFit gyms need to ensure they have programs and an outlet for those members who need the next level of coaching in my opinion!

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