Tim Howard Yesterday’s soccer game was so thrilling and even though the USA team lost to Belgium, I am still in awe of how awesome our players are. I had no idea how awesome soccer players are in general –great athletes and amazing to look at too. That’s a great combination for sure. I love when world sports’ teams compete –it brings out our national spirit. Everyone rallies together and cheers the team on. It’s unifying and exciting and it was much needed especially after the SCOTUS ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby this week that clearly divided the country.

It was definitely tough getting up this morning for my Power Boxing class. I am enjoying it but it’s hard on my body at 6A, especially after a tough and hot yoga class yesterday. One thing I have begun to notice while boxing is the variety of intensity found among the boxers. There are a ton of newbies that are still not comfortable really beating the crap out of the heavy bag. At least I think they are newbies — I wonder how much benefit they are getting when they don’t hit hard or really move during the workout time. My feeling is that you are there to work – so go as hard as you can. Maybe that’s as hard as they can go but I doubt it — I think it’s as hard as their mind allows them to go. This is really where the CrossFit training and mentality serves me really well. I go at full intensity when it calls for it — and I don’t quit and I am finding that a lot of people outside of CF don’t necessarily subscribe to that.

Have you had a chance to read this NYT feature: Is Obesity Ok?. It’s such a touchy subject that is tied to so many emotions that it’s tough to really get to the heart of it. The health implications of obesity are not OK – but obese people are worthy of respect and kindness, just like everyone else out there. But does respect mean you don’t show sincere care for their well being and talk to them about addressing the issue?  Obesity is a public health issue and causes a whole host of other health issues. Sometimes honest conversations can sting even though it’s coming from a place of concern, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t happen.

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