Splenda: Not A Good Addition To The Morning Coffee

Splenda: Not A Good Addition To The Morning CoffeeMy brother sent me some info this week on Splenda. You know the made from sugar, tastes like sugar sweetener. My dirty little secret is I use one packet in my coffee daily. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and I look forward to my cup of joe each morning. After reading these research findings- I’m going to have to find an alternative…

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The Hidden Plague with Tara Grant – Tara Grant, author of The Hidden Plague, stopped by to discuss a very common tongue twister of an autoimmune skin condition (HS) that no one is talking about, and how she was able to put it into complete remission by healing her gut with an autoimmune paleo protocol.

(29:45 – What Splenda does to your gut bacteria…and your weight!)

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  • Thanks for the post. Yes I also addicted with morning coffee. it is really needed for me. It is my energetic drink. You can say also, It is my medicine for me.

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