Health and Fitness: Gaining Perspective

Stephanie HoaglundI posted All the reasons I loved being on the Paleo diet (but why I decided to stop) the other day – and I fielded some questions about what I am doing lately. I relate a lot to what this blog writer says as well. Right now, I am trying make healthier choices and staying away from gluten, dairy and processed food which aligns to Paleo but I am realizing there is more to life than hitting PRs and restricting and monitoring everything I eat. I want to be healthy but in a healthy way– does that make sense?

If I want some pizza, then I am going to have some but not go overboard – I am enjoying being away from 100% CrossFit/Strength and Conditioning fitness gyms. I want to have fun, listen to some great music, and be fit – move my body for an hour or so. The way I am feeling right now – who the heck gives a crap if I can deadlift 250# and added 10# from last cycle. It’s great to be strong, but I am not training for an athletic endeavor. I want to be FIT and Healthy. That may include dead lifting and it may not — who knows. I am regaining perspective about what I am doing. What are my goals TODAY — they are definitely different than a year or so ago. I may be less lean and lose some of the strength gains from a year ago, but I am starting to realize at the end of the day, so what? I am healthy, strong and fit. 

Everything in Moderation...

Everyone needs to do a gut check and really take a look at you want out of your life — you may be surprised to find out it isn’t what you thought. And who knows, six months to a year from now, maybe I will feel like going back to CrossFit or do another strength based program, but maybe not. I’m keeping an open mind…

This quote really speaks to doing a gut check as well:  “You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.” ~Charles C. Noble  The question to ask is  what are you working towards — what does the future look like to you and then start working towards that…

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