Cold Weather and Your Health

8 Degrees iN Northern VA Baby it’s cold outside – like 8 degrees without the windchill. Talk about a polar vortex in the Northern VA area. I swear last week, it was in the 60’s. Such crazy weather shifts, it’s no wonder I can’t seem to get over this chest crud cold I have had since right before the new year. You know what helps break up the crud? Exercise! This morning – we did a bunch of suicides and sprints in addition to 8 rounds of boxing. By the end, I was hacking up my lungs which was actually a good thing because it is clearing the gunk out.

Did you know there are some recent studies that show being cold can actually lead to weight loss and improved health? The Atlantic recently published,  The Benefits of Being Cold, highlighting that perhaps year round warmth, something many of us enjoy regularly, may be affecting our body weight and health. Read the piece – it makes a lot of sense “Seven million years of evolution were dominated by two challenges: food scarcity and cold.”  Today, for most of us, neither of those things are real challenges to us on a regular basis and our bodies adapt to changes – some for the better, some for the worse. So, while it’s frightfully cold outside – take time to appreciate being chilly and realize that it’s perhaps better for you.

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