Know the Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency


Magnesium -Natural CalmAfter working on a specific strength program for 12 weeks at Highbar CrossFit, the time has come to test and see the progress. Yesterday, I got a 5# PR on my Squat clean. Today – my back squat! PR’d by 10# to end at 220# although I think I could have done more – ran out of time and had to get home to get the kids off to school. Sometimes you have to leave some in the tank to take care of life.

I feel so great about my progress. The coaches at Highbar take such a different approach to strength training that sometimes I think maybe it’s not working, but then you test and you are a whole hell of a lot stronger than you realized.  But then I remind myself that i am still starting out by doing something pretty stupid.

After getting my PR this morning, I am taking the plates off the bar. I don’t think I have ever had plates that heavy on a barbell before, so it never occurred to me to take the plates off in any particular way. Well think about it –heavy plates on each side, removing all the plates off of one side before the other… Yeah, the bar was a teeter totter and went flying. I am so lucky that no one was around it because it could have done some serious damage. The only damage done was to my EGO as everyone stopped, became silent, and then laughed at me. Coach Dan then said Do you even lift, Bro?. I’m always learning…

I gotta talk about the benefits of Magnesium again. I sometimes forget to take it and then get in the routine of skipping it for days on end. Then I remember to take it and quickly remember why I should take it. The last two days, I’ve been taking Natural Calm before I go to bed and I am telling you – the difference in how I feel when I wake up is night and day. I am not sore, not groggy, not super exhausted.

Yesterday, I shared a link about symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency, but the bottom line is that a magnesium deficiency can affect virtually every system of the body. It’s that important to your overall health and wellness.  My suggestion is to talk to your doctor, of course, but add a glass of Natural Calm before you go to bed for awhile and see if you feel better.


Back Squat 1RM: 220 (10# PR)

I got a PR at Highbar CrossFit in Ashburn

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For Laughs

CrossFit: Knees In or Out?


I’m not sure if I have already shared this blog post started by a well known Olympic Lifting coach Bob Takano about the practice of pushing your knees out when lifting.  It is an approach that gained popularity by Kelly Starrett of the awesome Mobility WOD site.  I am a huge fan of Kelly’s — no question — but his coaching advice about pushing your knees out has created a lot of issues and discord among well respected coaches.  The bottom line is they don’t agree with it as a coaching technique and that it causes more harm than help.

The consensus seems to be to not focus on pushing knees out, but to use the hips to get down the start position or bottom of the squat. Make sure you read Takano’s post and the follow ups that he has posted with a ton of comments and responses.

One voice that was missing from all the comments and responses was Kelly himself — and he has posted a video this month to address it – The Knees In Squat

I’m no coaching expert for sure –and can only go by my own experience. A few weeks ago, while doing my back squat – I was pushing my knees out and Coach Dan stopped me and asked me to do some no weight demos for him. My pelvis was tilting in when I was squatting and guess what? It was because I was focusing on pushing my knees out –and I didn’t need to push them out any further than they were naturally going.  Once I stopped focusing on that, no more pelvis tilt.

I think it’s awesome that these types of conversations are happening and think they should happen more often. How else can we all learn, share and progress? And we get to learn from some of the best coaches out there — all thanks to the Internet!

I had some PR success this week to share: I was able to complete 12 Strict Pull-ups earlier this week in 2 minutes– and this morning I was able to do 5×5 strict pull-ups. I have always thought that pull ups were a sign of some serious upper body strength because I wasn’t able to do even one years ago. I am just rocking along and loving it….

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And finally some humor based on some truth – Watch this Video:

Millennials in the Workplace Training Video

Time Flies And You Are the Pilot


time flies Thanksgiving has come and gone — I still can’t believe December is here. I love holidays but I also love getting back into the swing of life.  I’m excited about what’s happening in my life — new career opportunities and new paths to follow. I am testing out the theory about letting go and letting life take you where it’s supposed to without fear of what’s next. And everything little thing, will be alright.  This is new for me but I am committed to trying it this way – worrying and stressing myself out hasn’t really helped before. And so far, new opportunities have appeared from the least likely spots.

I started creating my consulting website: LiftPotential.com. It’s very much a work in progress but I’m excited to see it evolve. Check it out when you get a chance and if you do have any marketing needs focused around social media or integrating social with traditional marketing, let me know!

I didn’t go to workout as usual on Saturday –instead spent it with the family at Mount Vernon. Nothing replaces some good old fashioned time with the family. Scott’s family was in town from Southern Cali, so we met his Aunt and Uncle along with his cousin and her daughter and walked the grounds. I love Mount Vernon — I’ve probably been there 4+ times now and never get tired of it. I love to think about how Washington and his family spent their time there –and we were lucky enough to get to see the third floor on this visit, which is only open one month a year.  The room where Mr Washington died is up there.  Just a pretty cool day overall…

I have mentioned before, that many people ask me how I manage to stay so inspired and motivated to continue being fit. A lot of it is finding what works for you and being passionate about it. CrossFit and being overall fit has definitely helped me explore a new path in my life – but a huge driving motivator for me are my kiddos.

Your actions and decisions lay the foundation for their lifelong health – and I know how hard it is to start when you are already an adult. My goal is to have being healthy and fit be a normal part of their every day life just like it’s mine now. They won’t know any different – Read this article below and hopefully it will help you get moving the next time you start to slide and lose motivation.

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out  – “Exercise is a lifestyle, not an event. Being an active person isn’t about taking a class three times a week at the gym. It’s about things like biking to the grocery store and parking your car in the back of the lot and walking instead of taking a cab and catching up with friends on a hiking trail instead of a bar stool.”


This next article is a long read but worth it. It really takes a good look at obesity, from a medical professional’s perspective. Where does personal responsibility fit in while treating it? Is it ok to just give people pills and procedures – enabling them to continue the myth that modern medicine can cure them from their disease? Such a tough subject – from a health standpoint and because society judges harshly those it affects.

FAT CITY-What can stop obesity?

Recently someone told me a story about their daughter in law who has gastric bypass – she lost 100 pounds before the surgery at the doctor’s request, then had the procedure and a year or so later  – is back to many of the same habits and almost has returned to square one. The problem is not what she is eating. The problem is what’s eating her. It’s easy to say that while I am looking at someone else’s situation, but when you are dealing with people who are so deep in denial about what they are dealing with, or who are so scared to address the feelings they are burying deep inside them because it will no doubt cause serious pain – a quick pill or procedure seems like the right way to go. It’s such a tough subject, because I am one of those that people who believe that everyone deserves kindness, but to teach people to embrace their obesity is not Ok either. Everyone deserves respect and decent treatment period but you have to be realistic and sometimes the truth is harsh and painful.  Such a tough, tough situation and topic…


Strength: Power cleans

1P wall balls
Clapping Push ups
Broad Jumps

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And finally, very sad news over the weekend about Paul Walker dying in a car crash. I can’t honestly say I have seen one of the Fast & Furious movies, but reading about Mr Walker and how he resonated kindness and lived his life from a perspective of giving, it’s a big loss to the world. He was also a father, a son, a friend to many and losing someone that special so sudden and tragically is hard to understand. There has been a lot of backlash on social about the support and acknowledgement of his death which has really surprised me. Who are we to tell someone how they should grieve or recognize the death of someone?  Everyone deals with tragedy and death in their own way and we have no way of knowing what it represents to them.  It sounds like Paul Walker was a stand up guy who didn’t let fame and celebrity get in the way of being kind and giving back. The world needs more people like that. Rest in Peace – Mr Walker.

Paul Walker RIP


Black Friday Madness


Day after Thanksgiving -I did not do any Crazy Black Friday shopping. What I did do is head to Highbar CrossFIt and get in a good workout. Back squats and then CF girl, Annie. I felt plain yucky after eating all the food yesterday and felt worse after my workout. It’s time to get back on the bandwagon – I seriously don’t like feeling this way!

Here’s an infographic about Magnesium and why it’s so important for everyone to make sure they are getting enough:


Let Things Happen


doubt I had lunch with a friend yesterday that I haven’t seen in almost a year and it really helped me recharge. Sometimes you don’t realize you miss someone until you spend time with them again. Sara left the company I worked at up until recently back in February – for many of the same reasons I was unhappy. She took the plunge and just left. Decided to take a risk and jump –and guess what? A Net appeared. It wasn’t necessarily the net she envisioned but part of the reasons she did it was to make some changes in her life. Since February, she learned to relax  – not be dictated by a schedule or the clock. Routine free – Freedom.  She told me how hard it was for her to embrace this type of freedom at first. Goes to show you even learning to relax and go with the flow is like anything else, it takes practice.

I was really inspired by her yesterday. She has always been a big supporter of me, many times believing in me more than I thought I deserved. And she completely understood where I am mentally right now. Learning how to live this new life career wise without fear. Letting things happen – seeing where the path takes me. I have always lived a life of routine and structure. It is my safe place and now that I don’t have it – it’s so uncomfortable for me. Learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable is key.

We spent a lot of time yesterday talking about the difficult people we have had to deal with lately and how well or not well we have fared.  She said a few things that really resonated with me – that may not make sense to others as I share it but it sure did connect some things for me:

Part of the issue with my last job, I didn’t deal with certain difficult people well and just because I don’t have to deal with them anymore, doesn’t mean that I am done learning whatever lesson they were meant to teach me. Whatever that personality type is, I will run into it again because I haven’t really finished learning the lesson that they were there to teach me.  Sounds very ‘out there’ I know, but I do definitely believe that people are put into our lives for reasons.  And I definitely need to work on hiding some of my emotions when I am in a professional work situation and learn to accept that not everyone cares as deeply as I do about the work they do.  That’s one of the toughest things I have had to understand. Some people are really OK with 80% being good enough. Crazy but true!

I think everyone should reach out to someone they haven’t talked to in a while – it’s amazing how re-energizing it can be!

Today’s workout was 5×5 pull ups and then we did 125 Wall Balls as our met-con. If you stopped at all, you had to do three burpees! It was definitely not one of my favorite workouts.  But I got through it and now it’s time for a rest day tomorrow, and lots of good food!

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