Know the Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

Know the Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

After working on a specific strength program for 12 weeks at Highbar CrossFit, the time has come to test and see the progress. Yesterday, I got a 5# PR on my Squat clean. Today – my back squat! PR’d by 10# to end at 220# more »

CrossFit: Knees In or Out?

I’m not sure if I have already shared this blog post started by a well known Olympic Lifting coach Bob Takano about the practice of pushing your knees out when lifting.  It is an approach that gained popularity by Kelly Starrett of the awesome Mobility WOD more »

Time Flies And You Are the Pilot

Thanksgiving has come and gone — I still can’t believe December is here. I love holidays but I also love getting back into the swing of life.  I’m excited about what’s happening in my life — new career opportunities and new paths to follow. I more »

Black Friday Madness

Day after Thanksgiving -I did not do any Crazy Black Friday shopping. What I did do is head to Highbar CrossFIt and get in a good workout. Back squats and then CF girl, Annie. I felt plain yucky after eating all the food yesterday and more »

Let Things Happen

I had lunch with a friend yesterday that I haven’t seen in almost a year and it really helped me recharge. Sometimes you don’t realize you miss someone until you spend time with them again. Sara left the company I worked at up until recently more »