Did You know? Certain Foods Create Mucus


Although losing an hour in the spring is tough, I feel more energized and in the mood to organize. I have committed to going through closets in the next month and getting them situated. Let’s hope this energy is a sign that my winter blues are drifting away.

I am still having asthma fits during my workouts and it’s frustrating the heck out of me! Imagine being fit and having your lungs seize up every time you do something cardio based — so much that you have coughing fits and you can’t catch your breath but yet still have more to do. We did shuttle runs today and sure enough I was frustrated –I did complete them but it’s really frustrating to know I am working out as hard as I can but am still limited.

I did pretty well refocusing my nutrition yesterday and feel better already. I feel sorry for people who don’t realize how food affects them and just think it’s environmental allergies. A friend of mine told me yesterday that his wife has always had a runny nose and gave up dairy and guess what? No more runny nose! And funny timing to tell me that because I ran across this post from Holistic Dad:

Constant runny nose and sinus infection sufferers should find relief reducing these foods to elimination while adding more of the raw, nutrient packed foods that cut inflammation and mucus. 

And it included this graphic: If you are constantly stuffy or congested, try eliminating the foods listed below that create mucus for 7-12 days and I bet you will notice a marked improvement. Although I do realize that the foods on the “no” list are the foods that are ‘yummy’. Ice cream is one of my all time favorite things in the world — As my daughter says “I wish the bad foods were good for us, and the good foods were bad for us”, but that ain’t so…

Mucus Causing foods

Read This!


Get Inspired

There is something really special about this short video that brought 20 people in and paired them up and asked that they kiss each other. Watch it and try not to smile…

First Kiss



  • Mobility
  • Ring Rows – My hands hurt with my calluses so I opted to do ring rows instead of pull ups.
  • Push ups
  • Shuttle Runs
  • Rowing

Baby, It’s Cold Outside in the DMV Area


Polar Vortex - It's 2' in Northern VA areaI know there are a ton of people out there that live in cold weather and it’s just another day to them. However, in the Northern VA/DC metro area –this is not normal weather. It’s minus degrees with the wind today and holy crap – it’s cold.

And for the third day in a row, the kids have off from school. While I absolutely appreciate the school erring on the side of safety, I do think we are creating wussy kids. It’s cold out there –so what? Get your butt to school. I get that some rural areas have bad conditions, but my kids need to be in school. You know I am getting old when I tell you that when I was a kid – we walked to school in snow and cold and it was a cold day in hell before they cancelled school in Northern NJ. It just didn’t happen.

Yesterday was day two of my meditation experiment and I felt better again – it’s a guided program that lasts about thirty minutes. I admit it’s a bit on the odd side to sit quietly, with headphones on and hear this soft spoken lady speak to me with all of these echos but if it helps me feel better and get more focused, I’m willing to stick with it. And I think it really is good to take some time each and every day to just be still, without all the noise.

Have you noticed lately that if you aren’t on your guard, you can drown in all the information being thrown at you.  As much time as I spend on social media, there are so many times during the day that I get overwhelmed with all the posts, articles etc that come across my feed. I am sure I miss a ton too — and I have been trying very hard to just let it go. If it’s good enough info, it will come into focus for me eventually.  It’s important to remember that your time is valuable – and you have to be conscious of what you are spending it doing. And I have also noticed there is a ton of bad content out there –the title sounds interesting– but the payoff isn’t there and then I am annoyed. And lately – there have been a ton of articles out there that just annoy me.

I’m about to start a wellness challenge for Highbar CrossFit on Saturday. I am going to go all in myself this time — I need to refocus and start practicing what I preach again. My ego took a blow with getting laid off – but I can’t let it take up any more time or space in my head. That company doesn’t deserve it, the people I worked with don’t deserve my time, and I deserve better. Enough said-time to put in the work!


Mobility work
2k Row
4 rounds
pull ups
double unders

sit ups

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Learning How to Eat Paleo


Busy day but I wanted to share a few things I think everyone should read and also just mention something that happened to me yesterday. I stopped in to Wegmans to pick up a few things and while I was heading towards the Gluten Free/Natural foods area – I noticed this woman who was furiously leafing through a gluten free cookbook, trying to make sense of what to buy and what was what.  I found out later her name – Marie and she is from South Africa.

She looked up at me and said – this stuff is so confusing and explained that her tween daughter is allergic to wheat, dairy and soy. Have you tried to find any sort of non-fresh food without one of those ingredients? Holy cow! And if you do, some of it tastes like crap! We got to talking about some stuff that I have used and I ended up walking with her through the natural foods section pointing out Larabars and a few other things that met her criteria. I also talked to her about looking into getting a dehydrator  – so she can make her own beef jerky and dried fruit and gave her some ideas for snacks. She was so thankful that I took the time and offered up my own experience – as I was saying goodbye, I gave her my blog info and my email and introduced myself.

Once she finds things that work for her and her family, it will definitely be an easy transition but I remember how daunting and hard it all felt at first. I was glad I could lend a hand!

If you are looking for Paleo resources, I created an entire section with links to popular Paleo authors, books and websites to help make it easy to find and easier for you to get started!


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Kindness Matters

Read about all of these kiddos doing kind things – small ripples make big waves!!



I’m going to make this casserole for an upcoming CrossFit potluck:




Jimmy Fallon, CrossFit and Paleo


How cute is this?  Jimmy Fallon is just getting better and better & seems to really enjoy what he’s doing. Watching his stuff makes me happy.

Are you the type of person that cares too much – whether it be in your friendships/relationships, personal life, professional life? Read this post below — It once again drives home myI need to focus on working with people who have a real passion for what they are doing — who genuinely believe they can make a difference in people’s lives. I have been settling for less than that for far too long…

How to Overcome the Perils of Caring Deeply

Organizations move toward mediocrity when they silence those who care deeply.

Pursue your passion or accept irrelevance.

Every initiative, project, department, and product needs a champion who obsessively cares. CEO’s become champions of average when they don’t freakishly care for their organizations.

Excellence is a function of caring deeply.

Deep breaths and move onward….

Switching gears, here’s an interesting post I read yesterday:

This post summarizes a lot of what I have talked about before and what needs addressing in the world of CrossFit. Inexperienced coaching, bad programming, safe movements performed dangerously — another reminder of the saturation of the CrossFit market and lack of oversight. You really can open a CrossFit facility after paying 1K for a two day course, taking a multiple choice test, and then paying CrossFit HQ 3K for your affiliation. That’s it — and many have opened with just that. My Level one class had a few people who had not even done CrossFit before?!! WTF!!

How do you deal with that? Ask questions!!  10 questions to ask when starting CrossFit  Look at the coach bio’s before even trying out the place. Is it all ‘fluff’? Remember, taking CrossFit weekend courses is great and all but it certainly doesn’t qualify you to get out there and coach new athletes! Knowing what I know now that I am training with some experienced coaches–the difference in coaching is night and day.

This morning for example, I was working on my strength lift and doing the Push Press. I have always thought I was pretty good at this lift but Coach Randy pointed out that I was going way too fast down into the lift, which made the bar bounce off my ‘shelf’ and then I was under it, pushing it up. It works – don’t get me wrong but it’s not efficient and I lose power. We worked on rejiggering my lift –slow and controlled on the way down, and transmitting the power explosively on the way up! It felt awkward and made me stop for a few to think about it –but then it came and sure enough — it made the lift easier. I am going to have to work on it though, because I am so used to doing it the other way.  But, seriously – I have been doing it that same way for years!!! That got me fired up and excited to work on it for sure! So a big Thank You to Coach Randy and Highbar CrossFit. 

“Why are you even attempting “moderation” of bread, cheese, or diet sodas if these foods make you significantly and tangibly less healthy?”



5×3 Push Press 98#

5 DB Snatch 25#
12 Wall Balls
80m bear crawls
–1m rest every 2rounds

time: 16:11 


Fear and Moving Forward


swimmingI have talked about Fear before — how it holds us back, how we get stuck in a Fear Loop and can’t seem to get out. This weekend I read something by Richard Branson – you know the guy who founded Virgin and all the sub-companies underneath brand.  He writes a lot of good stuff –stuff that challenges you to think differently.

This particular article was about fear –Richard Branson on Facing Your Fears. Success and moving forward has a lot to do with how you approach fear – do you take the plunge, head first? Do you jump back, assess the situation and then act? Or do you back away and continue in the fear loop? The people we tend to call leaders or those who succeed, are the ones that do a combo of taking the plunge and assessing then acting depending on the situation – but they don’t get stuck in the fear loop.

That’s the key! You have to keep moving forward – even if it’s inch by inch! We all get knocked down, but you get up and move forward! Envision the fighter, that gets knocked to the ground but won’t stay down. They just keep getting up – eventually the bell will ring and the round is over.

Do you ever feel like you are meant for something bigger than where you are right now? I just know that there is something out there that I am supposed to be doing – bigger than what I am doing now. I know I have seen pieces of it come together, but the full picture isn’t developed yet and it’s frustrating and takes a ton of patience as I experience stuff that all seems to help me discover more pieces of the picture. Does that even make sense?

Back squat 160# 5×5
in between sets 5 negative ring dips


  • Run, 200 m
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Box Jump (20 In.)s
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 40 Double Unders
  • 50 AbMat Sit-ups
  • 40 Double Unders
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 Box Jump (20 In.)s
  • 10 Burpees
  • Run, 200 m

Time: 14:41 Rx

Here are some good articles that I have read this week:

We all don’t aspire to be pro athletes, but it’s good to know what they do, so if necessary, we can adapt our own training. Paleo Diet For Athletes – 20 Pros Who Use It For Success

Good before and after pics to get motivated and inspired to go or continue to eat PALEO style! Share Your Paleo Before and After!

Amanda Allen: Skinny or Strong? The Right Balance?

Packing Light


I knew it was going to rain today — a sinus headache started last night when the pressure dropped. I figured a good workout this morning would help clear it up and it did temporarily – while I was suffering but it’s back now. Which brings me to this article I read — not that I take Tylenol commonly but thought it was interesting.

What’s Tylenol Doing to Our Minds?

We are heading off on vacation starting tomorrow morning. It will be a much needed break from life and time to reconnect with family. There is nothing like spending time with people who are genetically closer to you than anyone else – you feel at home. That’s good and bad depending on the baggage you carry of course! We are packing light!

My last WOD before vacation was tough – I did hit snooze one time before I got my butt out of bed. I am ready for a week long break. I am going to purposely take it easy on vacation and let my body rest. Can I do it? Only the Eight Ball Knows…

Cleans (2nd Position) 80#

WODsweat angel Aug
5 burpees, 5 slam balls
1min rest
5 DB Thrusters, 5 DB Hang Clean Squats
1min rest
5 burpees, 5 slam balls

Here are some interesting posts I have read this week:

Is your Brain Two Quarts Low? 

Red Meat: It Does a Body Good!

And this one my brother sent me – -I have not yet tried it but it certainly looks interesting: Flour made from wine grapes! Anyone out there ever tried it? I am curious how it works and tastes….

Introducing Chef-tested natural flours from world-class sustainably-grown California fine wine grapes.

Greasing the Groove


Happy Monday! The weekend flew by so fast but yet it’s hard to believe we are in June and school is out this week.

This coming weekend, I am volunteering at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit regional games –helping out on the media team and then also helping my friends over at Power Supply for a bit. It’s a great time to connect with the larger CrossFit community and see friends I don’t see that often.

986673_10151470905888741_473987675_nI have been doing some walking on the W&OD trail near my house lately. I have been trying to photograph some of the beautiful flowers I have come across, including this daisy.  I’m really focused on being connected to nature as much as possible this summer — seeing if that will help bolster my outlook and mood.

I’m now on day three of adding Magnesium to my diet. And it may be all in my head, but I really do feel better. I am excited to see how I feel a week into it!

200m jog
10 squats
10 push ups
4 instep lunges
4 sampson stretch
10 squats

Back Squat

For Time:
30 KB Swings
200m Run
30 Burpees
200m Run
30/leg walking lunges
200m Run
time: 10:05

Those lunges are like living in hell — right around the 20th rep. Holy smokes!






Here’s a good video of Rob Wolff walking through a grocery store. Check it out when you get a chance…

Busy Busy Day


 castI took the day off to take Hannah to the orthopedist to have her wrist looked at — well she is now in an arm cast. I am sure the novelty of it all will wear off in a day or so. It will be a long four weeks for my baby.

Today was a rest day for me and I was more than happy to do it. I am so so sore.. mostly in my quads. I think it may be from rowing since I did a ton of that yesterday. But i will be back at it tomorrow…

Here’s a few interesting articles I have read that I think you should read too:

via The Paleo Palate 

3 sweet potato peeled and grated
8-10 tiger prawns/shrimps peeled
4 free range eggs
1/2 yellow onion chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
2 – 4 tbsp coconut oil for frying

Heat the coconut oil in a skillet on low to medium heat. Mix the sweet potato, eggs, onions and salt and pepper in a bowl. Take a handful of the mixture, form into a pancake then push one large shrimp on the center of the pancake. Fry shrimp face down for about 4 minutes on low to medium heat. Turn the pancake on the other side when the shrimp is cooked. Fry for another 2-3 minutes until it is cooked through.

Spring Break


I’m on spring break with the family –so posts will be minimal as I disconnect for a bit!

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