The Magic You Were Born With

I was trying to figure out what really bothered me about the latest Kim Kardashian instagram image.  It’s her body, so what do I care if she wants to show it to the world. But yet, it still bothered me. Then I read something posted by Pink today more »

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone in 2016

Here we are in December, weeks away from the New Year and the beginning of winter. Colder weather, darker days, a lot of stress for some trying to survive the holiday season. For me, it can be the perfect recipe for losing motivation and momentum – more »

History Does Indeed Repeat Itself

I’ve been following the recent controversy around accepting refugees into our country. Our country was created by people fleeing oppression and it continues to flourish by all of us who make up this glorious melting pot. History repeats itself – I shared a recent article about groups of more »

Goodbye to a Friend: Life is Too Short

This weekend I attended the memorial service, well, it really was a celebration of life, for my friend Niki. A group of her local DC friends gathered in a church basement behind the Nation’s Capital to connect and share the joy that was Niki Mitchell. Niki was more »

Toxic Family: Are You Obligated To Help?

I’ve been dealing with some heavy shit the past few weeks and it’s been hard. I have an older family member who has been asking/expecting financial help to live because for years, he and his wife did nothing to prepare for their retirement and lived at a level that was more »

School Dress Codes: Are They Out of Control?

I think this whole appropriate attire issue is getting out of control. My daughter is now constantly questioning what she can and can’t wear as she gets ready for school- instead of worrying about learning. Pencil skirts are NOT ok because it outlines the butt, and more »

Time Flies: An Abrupt Wake Up Call

I have had a series of recent light bulb experiences that have thrown me for a loop and served me a helping of reality… Ack! My Parents Are Getting Old I have 4 brothers and sisters and we have a half sister that is quite a bit younger. more »

Grab Some Popcorn and Watch

I’ve been quiet on here the past week or so. Nothing really going on and nothing to really inspire me to write and as I have always said – if it has to be forced, then it’s not right. I’m about to head out of town more »

The Bonds of Fitness

I hit up a boxing class last night and then headed to Ashburn CrossFit this morning to workout with a dear friend I havent seen in over five years. I have written about Lidia previously and what an inspiration and kickass chick she is. It’s one more »

Celebrating Mathias: 2nd Annual Team Mathias 5K and Family Fun Run!

This past December, Mathias Giordano lost his cancer battle. Tomorrow he would have celebrated his 14th birthday. I have not been able to get him out of my thoughts since first hearing about him and what an amazing young man he was from my friend more »