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Review: Thrive – Plant Based Nutrition Bars by GoMacro


GoMacro Thrive I was recently sent a box of GoMacro’s newest bar — Thrive, a plant-based nutrition bar, which should be available at Whole Foods now. I’ve shared info in a previous post about GoMacro -so I knew I liked their bars, but I was interested in trying these bars because they use plant-based protein which I prefer because of my dairy sensitivities.

The GoMacro Thrive is available in six flavors that contain plant-based protein, essential fatty acids and prebiotic fiber to fuel your body and mind. 

GoMacro is a pretty cool company too. As I mentioned in my earlier postthese bars are made with quality ingredients and taste good.  The company is family owned and cause driven.  These bards are great if you are on the go and want a healthy snack that has protein!

GoMacro-Thrive: My FavoritesThrive bars are USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Kosher, Vegan and Low Glycemic and delicious. So far, my favorites are the ones that include chocolate! (no surprise)

Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip

All of their bars are under 200 calories with 7g of protein. In addition to the two flavors above they offer:

  • Almond Apricot
  • Blueberry Lavender
  • Ginger Lemon
  • Caramel Coconut

They were all good, although I am not a huge fan of Ginger or Lavender in general, so those were not my favorite. So, with that said, I heartily recommend giving these bars a try!

Keep in mind, whole fresh food should always be a first choice – but we all need to live in reality and recognize it’s not always possible situation-ally or time wise to eat that way. We have to be realistic and fluid enough to accommodate life. So, my advice is to always make the best choice with what you have available. These bars are not perfect –they do contain sugar (although natural coconut sugar and brown rice syrup) – but compared to some other bars on the market, they are a better choice.

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Disclosure: Although GoMacro provided me with samples, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the brand or company. 

Review: GoMacro MacroBars


GoMacro MacroBarsMonths ago as I was browsing the health food aisle at Wegmans, I came across GoMacro MacroBars and figured I would give it a try. I ended up really liking it, so I headed to Wegmans to buy some more and they were SOLD OUT! Needless to say, I was bummed… but then they restocked and all was right in the world again. (A bit dramatic, but I really liked them!)

So a few weeks ago, GoMacro reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their bars. Well – what do you think I said? Absolutely! I already love them and now I get to try other flavors that Wegmans didn’t carry. Win for me!

What I liked most about these bars is that they are made with quality ingredients and taste good.  I also like that their company is family owned and cause driven. While these bars aren’t 100% Paleo, they are close.  When I want something to satisfy my sweet tooth, with some protein and doesn’t totally derail my nutrition plan – these are a great choice.  Also, they are great if you are on the go and want a healthy snack.

According to the company, GoMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat. How it tastes, how it’s made and how it sustains the environment. Family-owned and based in a small rural community, our wholesome food maintains goodness on all levels.

MacroBars boast a variety of fl­avors, with different textures and ingredient combinations including nut-free and high-protein options. Our food is carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients to provide protein, nutrients and slow-burning carbs for sustained energy throughout the day. The result is a satisfying treat perfect for everyone.

Small in size but big on impact, we are a big picture company. GoMacro.”

GoMacro MacroBarsGoMacro MacroBars come in 11 flavors. My personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter but I am sure you all understand that. Because PEANUT BUTTER!

MacroBars are:

  • USDA organic
  • gluten-free
  • certified non-GMO
  • project verified vegan
  • certified kosher
  • certified macrobiotic
  • soy-free

You can head to Amazon and order them using this affiliate link: GoMacro Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, 2.5 oz Bars (Pack of 15) or get to your nearest Wegmans or other grocery store! Once you have tried them, leave me a comment to let me know what you think!



Disclosure: Although GoMacro provided me with samples, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the brand or company. 

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