Crowdsourcing Kindness

Today is another opportunity to make a difference.  Even if it’s in some small way. The smallest act of kindness can make a huge change in someone’s life. Have you ever visited the Humans of New York website? I love seeing the posts every day. more »

Heads Up: Website Updates

I’m having some minor issues with my website that we are working through. So please bear with me as the layout may be wonky until we fix the situation!  

Life is Short: Forgive

Thanksgiving went by so fast – if you stop and think about it, this whole year flew by. It is now December – a month full of joy and happiness but also stress and loneliness for a lot of people.  A facebook friend recently shared more »

Stop the Body Shaming

With summer practically here, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about body image, exercise, and obesity. Nothing like reading about how fat we all are to get us feeling comfortable to get in a bathing suit, right? Yesterday I came across the story of more »

Nature Boosts Your Mood

They say that if you are feeling down – go outside and get close to nature. So, after the kiddos went to school and boxing, I laced up and hit the W&OD trail and ran. As I ran, I also stopped to appreciate how beautiful more »

Learn To Communicate

I like to think I am a fairly good reader of people — so when I sense there is something up with someone, I usually find out I’m right. And what I find out in almost every situation that bubbles up into some hurt feelings, communication was more »

Sick Days

I have been fighting off a chest cold for a few days now and it finally kicked my butt last night and today.  It hurts to cough and that’s all I want to do, so I have rested quite a bit today to make sure more »

Filter Water Using Bamboo

I’ve been meaning to share some interesting things I noticed while on vacation in San Fran and how they have inspired me to make changes to my daily life… First,  if you are shopping in San Fran and want a store provided shopping bag (plastic or paper), more »

Perspective is a Gift

While I am on my girl’s trip with my daughter, I have compiled some thoughts about Perspective. I believe that events and experiences that offer a chance for us to gain perspective are gifts. By gaining perspective on life’s events, you are better able to more »

Naps Are Awesome: Napping Increases Learning and Memory

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday evening — and staying warm on this atypical spring evening. Read This Life Lessons: Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More   Life Lessons: 6 Tips To Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Depressed Life Lessons: Is Having Grit The more »