Just looking into Paleo? Or doing a Whole Life Challenge for the First time? Here’s a good group of resources where you can begin your research. Here’s some info for those starting out eating Paleo. Keep in mind it’s a blueprint –you may need to make modifications depending on your own personal needs.

CrossFit ImpavidusCrossFit Addict?

Here are some good resources I use regularly:


  • #1 written by Ashleigh Townsend  3 years ago

    Great list of resources here. Very useful thanks for sharing.

  • #2 written by Shyam Shukla  3 months ago

    What worked for me was this Amazing Paleo Recipes Collection.
    Lots of delicious easy to cook Paleo Recipes.

  • #3 written by Julia Kruz 1 week ago

    As for me, during the week I try to eat all foods containing vitamins, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and meat.

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