I am wondering if I am feeling like crap because of allergies. I never really have them bad, but Northern VA is famous for causing them. I can’t put my finger on things, but I just feel yucky and just not right!

I am definitely glad it’s a rest day — I am SORE too!

I wanted to share this story ┬áto show how you can indeed eat healthy and stay away from gluten when eating out. some coworkers & I went out for lunch with our Google partners. We went to a mom & pop restaurant named: El Manantial. Their lunch menu was not necessarily gluten free, so I talked to the waiter and he was more than happy to put together a spinach salad w/ avacado, grilled chix, aspargus and tomato with no issue. It was delish and I was super happy. Yes – there were a few remarks from the coworkers, but it gives me an opportunity to talk about the benefits of Paleo eating and share how easy it is to on the go! Win – Win. So when I hear how hard it is to eat Paleo, I call BS. Just ask!

Oh, you think I should order this AB MAKER? LOL – I am sure it will totally work. I mean that is exactly how to have great abs — right?