Burger King reeling under Mimosa hangover.

Child advocacy and alcohol groups are crying foul over the company's introduction of a pretend alcohol beverage. Fast food stores, such as Burger King, are favorite destinations for children and teenagers, they say. And for the restaurant chain to serve something even remotely connected with alcohol is “disastrous,” says Michele Simon, research and policy director at the Marin Institute, a California-based alcohol industry watchdog group.

Schwab survey says kids with chores become money smart.

I know that I had chores when I was a kid. Sometimes I think the kids of today at least in my circle are a bit too comfy in their lives. My kids have age appropriate chores in an effort to make them appreciate things around them but also because with both of us working, I simply have to rely on them to do certain things. We are a team. What about your family? Do your kids have chores?

Social networking makes it easier for patients to ask for help – CNN.com.

Many cancer patients …have a hard time asking for the assistance they need with household chores and other daily tasks. While patients feel guilty about inconveniencing others, their friends and family often don’t know how to best offer their support…a social networking tool, aims to help cancer patients manage information about their care, get their questions answered and interact with others who can aid them in their treatment.

Why people swear by the neti pot – CNN.com.

Although doctors have long known that a saline solution can help unclog sinuses, the practice has gotten a newfound popularity with the “neti pot,” a teapot-shaped container that flushes a saline solution through the nose –in one nostril and out the other, taking with it mucus and rinsing away irritants.