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The Bonds of Fitness


Lidia Beer - CrossFit MastersI hit up a boxing class last night and then headed to Ashburn CrossFit this morning to workout with a dear friend I havent seen in over five years. I have written about Lidia previously and what an inspiration and kickass chick she is. It’s one of the greatest things about finding my fitness passion – meeting and bonding with the most amazing people.  Many of them have become very dear to me and even though I don’t see them regularly, they continue to inspire me and motivate me to be better than I was yesterday. I mean – come on now, these are strong, bad ass chicks. If I let myself go to pot after all this time – I think they would kick my ass. Not only are they amazing people – they help keep me accountable. It’s a win that keeps on giving…

As you probably know, I don’t do CrossFit regularly anymore.  The change was brought on partially by burn out. I was not getting the joy or seeing the results I used to from CrossFit. I also felt that my body wasn’t recovering like it used to which was causing me to not have as much fun while I was there. My shoulders weren’t healing either because of the constant stress on them. It’s only been since I stopped completely, have I regained range of motion in my right shoulder.

It is nice to revisit CrossFit every now and again and today it was quite a workout – a chipper.

Ashburn CrossFit In CrossFit, a chipper is usually a combo of 5 to 10 exercises designed to push metabolic conditioning. This morning’s chipper looked like this…

  • 50 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 40 Push Ups
  • 30 Medball Cleans (20/14)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 20 Burpees
  • 30 Medball Cleans
  • 40 Push Ups
  • 50 Wall Balls
    (20 min cap)

I chose to do it with a 10# med ball and finished at 19:37.  Yeah, Ouch. I am  now at work and the soreness is creeping in. It hurts just to walk.  I don’t know why, but it always surprises me at how sore I get when I switch up workouts even though I workout all the time!

I have to admit it was a great way to start my day. A group of strong ladies, a lot of laughs and creating a sweat festival.

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As a final sign off on today’s post – I want to wish my smart, sassy and super adorable niece Amelia a Happy Birthday. I wish I lived closer so I could be in her life more, but here I am living in ‘Grassyland’ (that’s what she calls Virginia bc we have a lot of grass and San Fran does not).

I love her to the moon and back…

Amelia _Birthday

I Left My Heart in San Francisco


I am still playing catch up from the last few weeks — work has kept me busy and then my five day girl’s trip to San Fran, which just ended yesterday.  I love having a daughter and being able to take her on a few special trips — just her and I traveling. She is one of the easiest travel companions except her propensity towards being very emotional. I always forget how the last day of our trip goes when we are visiting family.  She gets really sad and upset, cries about how we don’t live near our family. It’s cute and sad at the same time. I love that I can give her some special memories and I do wish we lived closer –but the reality of living somewhere usually doesn’t live up to the vacation dream.

My brothers are busy guys, have their own lives with their own families. Sometimes I feel like we are intruding on them when we visit. It’s nothing they do intentionally –both of their wives, my beautiful sister in laws do more than their share of accommodating us and making us feel welcome.  And then there is my niece, Amelia — a two and half year old fire cracker.  She has quite the personality and isn’t shy to let you know how she feels about you. I forgot what having that age of a toddler around is like – i love it and am glad my kids are over it at the same time. The joy little kiddos see at that age is amazing — everything is new and their favorite thing to ask is What’s That?

And have I mentioned how much I love, love, love San Francisco? The people, the atmosphere, the scenery, the lifestyle –everyone is outside, active –enjoying a great way of life. Or at least that is how it appears.

I stopped by CrossFit San Francisco for a bit –talk about an amazing place. It’s all outdoors and they have this

amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

All in all it was a fantastic trip –I’m tired but it was worth it. Family is so important and it can be hard to continue to be connected but it’s so important not only for us, but our kiddos too.

I got up and headed out for my workout this AM:

Pass Thrus

Snatch Balance

10min AMRAP

  • 8 Snatch (kb alternating)
  • 12 squats
  • 8 Sit ups

total: 9+15  

Oh and as for staying on point with healthy eating –yeah, didn’t happen so much on my trip. I had gluten free pizza, some ice cream from Ghiradelli and Swensons, broccoli and rice from R&G Lounge,  Saki, egg drop soup — i feel yucky if I am being honest. My pants are tight, I feel sluggish and my workout this AM was not my best performance. The key for me is how well I re-adjust to being at home and going back to my normal, healthier eating style.  I don’t like this feeling….

Girls Weekend


Hannah and I had the best time in Jersey City, NJ visiting my Mom and watching my niece Amelia. It was a great way to spend a girl’s weekend —

Innov8s have arrived


My innov8’s came in on Weds but I skipped my workout on Thurs so I couldn’t try them out until today. I have a cold that started in my throat area, then went to my head and now is rattling in my chest as I cough it all out. Who gets a cold when it’s 100′ out? Me – that’s who!

So here they are in the box. What I did not realize when Scott said ‘go ahead and get the pink’ was that the are BRIGHT PINK. You can seriously see me a mile away.  Oh well, if you are going to go with it — go big. They are very light weight and feel like you are wearing slippers. The only thing I am concerned about is how much I have to change my running form to conform to wearing these.  In CrossFit, they encourage you to run while leaning forward instead of running on your heels, like most of us do.  It takes quite a bit of getting used to and concentration to change your form to align with it but once you get it, you can run longer and faster because while you lean forward you are almost being pulled forward so you use less force and it takes less effort.  There is so much to learn —and I am seriously like a sponge trying to grasp it all.  I feel like a kid again.

Today’s workout was another strength day. I have said this before – that many people don’t appreciate how important these types of training days are. We are taught that you have to do cardio, cardio, cardio to get a good workout in.  Heart health and cardio are important but strength days are just as important in order to be fit.

10 Pass Thurs
10 Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Clean squats with D-ball

Clean and Jerk

Clean n Jerk
So while 88 is a new PR, I can lift more but my technique breaks down after that that I cant clean the bar up. I seem to have an issue with pulling the bar up and squatting underneath at the same time. My mind only wants to focus on one aspect of that lift. Coach Nate tells me about muscle memory and that I just have to practice, practice, practice so that it becomes second nature. As you can see – there are a bunch of moves in CrossFit that I need to practice. I will forever be the student, progressing.

Before I left, I worked on kipping pull ups. I got 1 or 2 but then it broke down into a butterfly kip. Although I am frustrated, I see progress and that I am close to nailing this down. I also did a few hand stands close but not on the wall and I can already feel the difference in stability and ease.

Amelia - June 2011

I’m taking the weekend off from working out and heading down to New Jersey. My brother and sis in law are in town and that means my super cute, almost 1 year old niece Amelia is with them. It’s so important to me to be a part of her life even though she lives so far away in San Fran. She is my first niece and my kids’ first and right now, only cousin.  So even though it’s a short visit for such a long drive – to me, it is way worth it. There is nothing more important that family in my book.  Plus it’s New Jersey, right near NYC and I can just about guarantee that pizza is in my future — who can go to NJ/NY and not have pizza??!! Forgeddabowdit

Call me Aunty Steph!


I went for a short run yesterday morning on the trail. I did about 2 or so miles but with the heat and humidity, it felt more like 5 or 6. I ended up walking for the last part but at least I got it in.

Great workout today although it was already a hot and sticky 80 degrees when we started at 545a.Took almost 2 mins off my time and really pushed through the OH lunges which = hell in my book.  There is a 30 min time limit and I finished in under 28:00 mins. Not sure of my exact time but it was in the 27 minute range.

warmup x2:
rockette kicks
forward lunges
back peddling

core x2:
25 bottom up push-ups
6in flutters
V ups
crazy eights on your back

65lb ground press x2
15lb dbs OH Lunges 20 yds
20lb kettle bells power clean squats
30 placement sit ups (PSUs)
200 yd run odd round/400 yd run even round

I had some great news this past weekend – My brother and sister in law became parents for the first time! I am just so darn happy for them. Little princess: Amelia Hallie was born on June 25 in San Fran.  Call me Aunty Steph!

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