Show Appreciation for All You Have

Stress really does make you unwell. Starting yesterday, I have had a dull but painful headache, have had chills off and on and generally just don’t feel so hot.  Do I stop and rest? Sometimes but not this week. It’s a busy week for me that started with a ball of stress but now is just busy.

I was driving home this AM from the gym (yes, even though I was not 100%) and thinking about my life and my kiddos. I have it good. I love those kids and all their craziness. I love my Silver Fox and all his wackiness and maintenance. I love what I do for a living –Social Media Marketing– it’s tailor made for me, i love my gym and the people I get to be around, I love that I am learning new things all the time and I love that my family is safe and sound.  If you peel away all other layers of life –what more can a person ask for?  When I got home – i gave each of my kiddos & the fox a big kiss, told them I loved them and went on with my morning. Sometimes, you just have to do stop and appreciate all you have.

For some inspiration read this post by Matt Foreman at Catalyst Athletics about Being able to show appreciation and gratitude to good people in my life. –  A Letter To Catalyst Athletics (and Everybody Else). It’s a very insightful message and struck a nerve.


600m jog

Power Clean
Ring Dips


  1. power cleans
  2. ring dips

75# 8:08