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Bear Down Arizona!


Bear Down Arizona — What a great win last night over Duke to land themselves in the Great 8 — What a great story this will make —

I took today as a rest day. After all those deadlifts yesterday, my back is feeling it. It’s not the type of pain where I hurt it but more like – yeah I used those muscles pain.

After my cartwheel yesterday, I started hearing about other people who never mastered it either. It’s one of the great things about using social media, whether it be blogging or facebook, you find out you are not alone. I seriously thought I was one of the very few kids who never learned how to do one during my youth. Well what do you know –i am not alone!

I wanted to post an update on my son Nate and how he’s been doing since he went Gluten Free. I have to tell you, to me it’s like night and day. He seems happier, is sleeping better — and seems to be more regular. Could this be the issue he has had since he started eating regular food?? We had such a rough time with him as a baby – I am not thinking it was because he wasn’t feeling so hot. No one ever mentioned the possibility that his diet could affect his mood and sleeping patterns and I didn’t know better to look at his diet. How frustrating that doctors don’t mention it as something to consider based on family history —

Meeting the Pistol Squat


Before I post my normal workout stuff- I want to take a minute to cheer on my beloved Arizona Wildcats as they head to the Sweet 16. Yesterday’s game was a nail biter and they pulled it off! Bear Down Arizona! Notice the A hat in the pic to the left!

It’s a rainy morning complete with thunder and lightning — so I was greeted with darkness as I headed to my workout. It was a frustrating morning for me too – I couldn’t seem to get any traction on technique of any of the main moves after many, many tries!

20 Double Unders – for the record I got ZERO complete, but many, many attempts this AM.
10 push ups
5 Pistols

WTF are with the Pistols! — I have never done these before and I got frustrated. I used a metal column to help balance but the pain you feel as you lower yourself to a one legged squat is — well let’s just say, unpleasant. These ‘pistols’ are going to be something I work on because it’s been a while since I had something that frustrated me so much that I wanted to quit!

Clean and Split Jerk

Clean & Split Jerk
Results: 73/83/83/83/103/83/83

2m challenge
Burpees – 31

Notice on the clean and jerks, I tried the 103lbs but couldn’t clean it up. I am still pulling way too early so I lose the momentum I need to get it up. I know exactly what I am doing wrong – it’s fixing it that seems to be the issue. Practice, practice, Practice!
We were in DC yesterday for the Scope It Out 5K — and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. I took the pic to the right at the Hirschhorn Sculpture Garden. I love spring time in DC — the entire area where the monuments are become breathtaking when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Happy Spring!!

Arizona School Sends Overweight Kids Home With Notes


Arizona School Sends Overweight Kids Home With Notes.

Obesity is a very serious problem for adults and children and getting serious about addressing the underlying reasons why its such a serious problem in this country is definitely important. Taking it upon yourself to send kids home with a note essentially telling them they have a problem is not the solution. The school should look to ways to educate parents and kids on proper nutrition and fitness and offer activities and food programs that support that goal — not send home a note with helpful suggestions. That’s not Helpful.

Childhood obesity is, admittedly, a serious problem in the United States. But shaming kids about their weight is not the solution. And someone needs to tell that to the administrators at an Arizona school, which is congratulating itself for an “innovative” new program, whereby children will be weighed, measured, and if they’re found to be overweight, sent home with a note.

Childhood Obesity in AZ


Here & Now: Childhood Obesity in AZ

Here and Now talked to Janet Foote and Beth Jacobs, both from the College of Public health at the University of Arizona, about the increase of childhood obesity and what can be to to improve the health of kids in Arizona. KJZZ listeners offer their personal solutions to the problem.

Colon Cancer Research and University of Arizona!


Researcher Awarded $1.8M to Develop Colon Cancer Therapy |

I’m an U of Arizona alum so I am always in support of Wildcats! Arizona Cancer Center is a well known cancer research center – Congrats to Emmanuelle J. Meuillet!

The National Cancer Institute has awarded a five-year, $1.8 million grant to an Arizona Cancer Center researcher to study the role of inflammation in colon carcinogenesis and to develop a new therapy to treat colon cancer.

“People affected with Inflammatory Bowel Disease are at higher risk to develop colon cancer,” said principal investigator Emmanuelle J. Meuillet, an Arizona Cancer Center member and associate professor of nutritional sciences and molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona.

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